Friday, 2 October 2015

End of September

What a wonderful morning it was today for the last day of September,  Mum me and Basil went for our morning walk across the field and she did snap sum very nice photographs,


Doing my Job

Dear All,

I am happy to report that all invasions to the field were inspected and scared away.

Monday, 21 September 2015

It's been a Woof!

So life has been going very quickly - mum n me cant believe that time has flown by.  Think Mum has had a bit of a life shake up wiv starting a new job - gone to help students wiv their education.

She has also just had her first photography exhibition where I woz frontlining it - ere is me!

She did have sum good reviews and lots of people came and saw it.  She even sold a few as well, so now i have sum new toys and twreats.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Elveden Dog Day

Well we did be having fun at de Elveden Dog Day on Sunday 14th July,

it was very exciting to watch mum as she had started to pack the packed lunch [small bits of ham made their way to de floor] and me n Basil had our specual backpack packed too!

next she got us in to de car me woz in the back with my hooman sister and Basil who at 2yrs old is still anxious travelling sat next to hooman brother and Amber den Mum and Darren in front - it was very hot but fankfully we had de air condisuning on - phew.

when we did arrive at Elveden it do take about an ower to get dere freew bootiful countryside.  We did meet up wiv some instagram & twitter fwends who be @bertieborder who we found out was my great great newphew! @MrSebBT who be my step bruver [we have de same Dad - Bramblecracker!] and miss poppy from @PopJouBT we also did meet some over loverly lady border terriers but we did not get them names.

We did not enter any classes but mum did try Basil for the doggy dash - ha this got a big larff cos mum let Basil off de lead to run and he just stayed wiv me and Mum!!! quite embarrassing - den  shock mum let me try and I too decided to stay close to mum - fink it all just was a bit overwehlming but we did get an applause from de watchers i fink it was a good applause though!

I also had my photo taken with Archie a famous doggie who has hiz own website too and magazine column Archie @bouncearchie his column be

unfortunately we do not have any photos as mums camera card was full - she did not realize dis till we got home!!!!

so we have a picture of me trying to have an evening walk however i 'ave ofver ideas!

So big fanks to the Elveden Estate for putting the day on - it was a great day! we hope it do be on next year!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

We found Instagram!

ellos from me bean a long time - i am starting to start a trend!!!! but we haz bean buzzy on over fings - we have found instagram and mum bean posting lots of pictures of us

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wifing u a verreee Merreee Christmas.

Me n Basil would like to wish all our folluwers, vizitors and fwends a very Merry Christmas pics will follow, when iz get de elves to elp me wiv de tecnologee.

We iz been very buzzee latelee, wot wiv all de suupporrvising ov de Christmas shoppin and makin sure des is Christmas food for uz as well as de hooomans.

Monday, 27 February 2012

we iz bean pAWveyors of fine food tastying!

ello to you all, Me and Basil have been farily busy, sniffin and a playing, snoozing and a eating.

Den on twitter we were contacted by @waggfoods and day be askin wud we like to be trying sum new training treets - so i dos respond emmediately to say DO DOGS GO WOOF! YES PLEASE!

so last week de postyman he delivered a nice smellying big parcel, so we just could not wait, and we were be out de door - so farst mum was trying to caputre us in action we do be a blur!

woosh and den we be off!
So we dus be arrivin at de place of our usual erliee morning constitutional but we iz stickin close to mum cos we iz be smelling lots of lurvely flavours from her treat bag.

and yes i shamfully have to say dat iz me beggin!

mum be ambredextrious photographer and hand model! - "GET on WIV IT woman!"

So wivout taken mums fingers appart coz dey is soooo good we have a taster mmmmmmmmmmmmm

"BASIL! move you i iz always first  grrrr"
So we dus be walking around de field very close to mums treat bag and we snneaak a few more out of her hand coz we have been very good and we iz being trained all the time! then who shud come bounding up but BUZZZ so of course we iz give him BT licks that only BT's can and he iz so overcome by de taste he haz a few from mum for being a good boy and not rolling in lots of smelly stuff!

BUZZ gettin BT lick from BASIL!

so we dus be finking dat mum next shoppin list does be having WAGG doggy Training Treats !

fanks to Waggfoods for providing the tasteee dog food but de words all be our own!! WOOF WOOF!